Redeeming a Gift Card

Received a Gift Card?

If you have received a Gift Card, for a Vineyard Tour at Glyndwr, the following process explains how to redeem it.

Choose Your Preferred Dates

Choose your preferred booking dates for your tour at Glyndwr. Once you have done this, click book now, to add your booking to your cart.

Checking Out

When you are ready to checkout, click on the view cart or checkout buttons in the cart section that can be found in the menu.

Finding Your Voucher Code

On the gift card you have received, you will have a unique code, located at the bottom of the gift card.

Redeeming Your Gift Voucher

At the point of payment during the checkout process, simply enter your code into the “Have a Gift Card” field, and checkout as normal.

You can even redeem the Gift Voucher against our drinks.

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